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The Indian Institute of management Bangalore (IIMB) is a leading graduate school of management inASIA. Under theACT 2017, IIMB is an institute of national importance. 

Aldecor has designed the INDO – JAPAN research center for IIMB. 

The Approach: The classic Indo – Japan concept interiors brim with natural warmth and have a quiet meditative feel. Which encourages the occupants to enjoy the simple things in life and maintain a strong connection to the natural world. The design is minimalist and deeply connected to the concept of ancient ZEN philosophy. Here, shoji walls or Japanese screensare one of the most recognizable element. Japanese furniture which is more like set low to the ground. 

Color palettes are drawn from nature. Soft grey, subdued brown, green and golden hues predominate.This has resulted a very neutral, calming color. We have used designer decorative light fixtures and Japanese wall arts to add to the beauty of the design