About This Project

The Ask: A trend that everyone has likely encountered within the past few months is Industrial Design. Metals, reclaimed wood, exposed bricks; you will definitely see this trend grow throughout the year as it gains in popularity. The trend is an amalgamation of designs that incorporates the industrial days of vintage with the contemporary and modern elegance of today.


The Approach: “Essentially the old recycled look is getting a polish. This design reflects a modern lifestyle, the growing awareness & acceptance of the world as it was & as it is today”. Open-concept office design can offer undeniable benefits, from better communication within departments and a more collaborative atmosphere to more efficient use of space. Glass doors and Linear workstations create a more open feel, while still providing the user with all the storage and meeting space. The office common area uses cylindrical light fixtures to create a clean, modern. The pendants fixtures do not overpower the design of the room, but rather complement the bold & rustic features. This office reception area really bears it all with rustic finished wooden furniture and a patterned ceiling. Original silver elliptical AC ducts and dark concrete structures cover a modern yet futuristic style. Lighting fixtures used in this office complement the seemingly camouflaged, linear LED fixtures are strategically placed to elongate the segmented design and discord between the open structure ceiling and minimal interior.

Interior Designs