About This Project

The Ask: Toshiba’s offices in multiple locations of India had to follow the organization’s philosophy and cultural standards. As a global organization, they didn’t want Indian offices and employees to be different from the global structure.


The Approach: Toshiba being an innovation-led organization had to reflect its office spaces with innovation and interaction at the center. Hence, we designed both active and passive project spaces that were kept within the buildings’ central zones. With a focus on visibility and transparency, multifunctional project spaces were created centrally within the base of the voids ensuring greater staff interaction and connectivity.

• Uninterrupted glass surfaces virtually extended the interior space
• Distinct colors of the carpets helped in demarking various spaces
• The grey ceiling color expanded the interior spaces visually
• For the FNF, it was a completely corporate yet dynamic design approach.
• The lobby got a lively appearance with various linear and abstract patterns
• The bay areas were made to look diverse yet harmonious and enjoyable
• Executive workspaces were functional yet neutral and calm
• The community areas were designed to offer strong visual encouraging productivity

Interior Designs